Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Are you meeting your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements?

NMBA CPD registration standard

The ANMF Federal Office currently offers nurses and midwives 4 separate professional development training rooms to assist you to meet your Professional Development (CPD) requirements for continued registration each year. The ANMF offer you best practice information on a number of topics of interest as well as specialised areas of practice. The ANMF regularly adds new training modules to each of its training rooms with the new topics being derived directly from the requests of nurses and midwives. To access the training rooms or read further information, click on the button or the link for each training room.

To access the training rooms or to read further information, please click here.

The Continuing Professional Education online training room currently provides over 50 best practice topics including those modules that are deemed mandatory annual competencies by large health organisations and nursing agencies. ANMF, NSWNMA and QNU members currently receive 11 free topics and a free professional development portfolio to provide evidence to the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) of participation in CPD annually.

The Aged Care Training Room is a one-stop-shop for nurses whose area of practice is aged care in the residential or community setting. Here you will find over 60 learning activities that address mandatory education, the residential and home care standards and older people’s physical health, mental health, special needs and disability. The ANMF ACTR annual subscription includes access to the CPD learning needs and plan, learning activity reflections and evaluations and a printable log of course completions.

The Online Clinical Simulation for Nurses training room offers 3D simulated learning for clinical procedures and currently consists of 32 modules. Each module teaches a different procedure through an interactive simulation, accompanied by a step-by-step text with hyperlinks, a video demonstration, a 3D model of the anatomy encountered during the procedure and a quiz.

The Body Systems training room offers the most comprehensive collection of health education programs. The ANMF’s newest Training Room offers low cost subscription access to a range of CPD courses covering anatomy and physiology, disease and disease management, and medical procedures.

For any inquiries or further information regarding the ANMF education websites please contact the ANMF Federal Office Canberra on email